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Mongolia is a vast open country with a scare population and big spaces to get lost. Before adventuring through this immense country one should be well prepared. A GPS device, GPS coordinates of points of interest, good maps and a comfortable and secure jeep are the basics before starting to think of travelling through Mongolia. A cook and a guide will make your trip more comfortable, but some decide to rent a Jeep and discover Mongolia on their own.

On this webpage you will find all what you need to travel through Mongolia. We offer a huge database of GPS coordinates, several Mongolian maps for download and through our other webpages all other information needed for a safe and adventure trip through Mongolia.

We will be glad to help you with your logistics during your trip in Mongolia. Among others, we provide you with hard copies of maps, GPS devices, jeeps, guide, cooks, food, camping equipment and all what you might think off.

Mongolian Maps

Please note that all maps on this webpage are for information only. You are not allowed to download, print, copy or distribute those maps. Those maps are subject to copyrights. If you think those maps are good or if you want to use those maps, we would kindly ask you to buy a hard copy from the cartographic institute in Ulaanbaatar or directly from us. If you wish, we can buy and mail those maps to your home address.

Click here to have an overview of all the maps you can buy in Mongolia.

GPS Coordinates

Through our many years of travelling through Mongolia, we build a GPS coordinate database. Here you will find GPS points not only of cities and smaller towns but of many points of interests such as monasteries, ruins, deer stones, ancient graves, caves, beautiful landscapes and much more. Each GPS point is accompanied by a short description and a small picture.

All our GPS points are visible on a Google map, integrated to this webpage. Due to this huge amount of information, we cannot guarantee that all GPS coordinates are correct or that every picture corresponds to the GPS coordinate. We did however our best to put only on our webpage the GPS coordinates we think are relevant.

Join us in our effort to build a useful GPS database for Mongolia. We would be happy to hear from you if you find some wrong information, if you have better pictures of some places or if you find more points of interests that are not yet in our GPS database. All help to make this database better and complete.

All GPS information on this webpage is for private use only and cannot be downloaded, copied, printed, distributed or hosted on another webpage. People interested in getting a copy of all GPS coordinates can send us a mail.

Click here to view our GPS coordinates or send us a mail if you would like to receive a download of our GPS points database.


The creation of a GPS database asks time and money. We spend big amounts of money and time to find the places of interest. The continuation of this project will only be possible through the generosity of our visitor. Please do not hesitate to make a donation. Even a donation of 1 USD or EURO will help up. Click the donation button hereunder.


If you decide to come to Mongolia, you will need a local agency to organize your logistics. Happy Camel Journey is a local travel agency specialized in the organization of adventure trips and tours through Mongolia. They have their own jeeps, guides, cooks and camping equipment. They organize active travel tours such as 4x4 off road and self driving expeditions, trekking, horse and camel tours, paragliding and kite buggy adventure, and much more. Feel free to visit their webpage.



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